One quarter of sex workers might work illegally in Austria

In a recent article on, it was reported that the number of establishments providing sex work services in Austria is on the decline. This decrease is linked to the Corona pandemic, which has prompted an increase in hidden apartment prostitution.

According to the article, there has been a notable shift from visible to hidden prostitution.

Many sex workers have transitioned away from traditional venues such as brothels, opting instead to offer their services in private apartments or hotels. This shift has made it more challenging to monitor and regulate the industry effectively.

As a consequence of the reduced availability of sex workers, establishments offering sex work services are facing difficulties and consequently shutting down.

Regarding safety and regulation, although specific data on violence against sex workers is lacking, the police regularly conduct checks at visible establishments. Approved locations are required to have safety measures in place, such as emergency buttons and designated escape routes.

In terms of demographics, the majority of sex workers in Austria come from EU countries such as Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

It is much safer to work in licensed brothels

As we’ve covered many times, working illegally in private apartments or even in hotels is much more dangerous than working in a licensed brothel in Vienna or other parts of Austria.

Independently working girls do not have any protection against aggressive clients or when they are forced to provide unwanted services. For those clients who visit shady studios and illegal prostitutes, there is a huge demand for AO sex, which means sexual intercourse without protection.

If a client wants to force a girl to do what he wants, there is literally nothing much a sex worker can do against it.

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However, killings of sex workers are relatively rare; unfortunately, they do occur often. Even in Austria, which is probably the safest DACH country, sex workers have been stabbed or bitten to death in past years.

And these are just the most serious crimes, as illegally working girls do not want to report the aggression against them, because this way they would also be fined by the police.

The authorities of Vienna and other Austrian cities often check such ad portals, like Booksusi, where illegal sex workers advertise, and perform raids on the related apartments.

In case of being caught red-handed, the illegal sex workers get a huge fine. And if a prostitute is not an Austrian citizen, she can be expelled and banned from Austria for a longer period of time.

Why is illegal sex work bad for customers?

Those girls who work in legal brothels in Austria have a health book and undergo regular medical checks, in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In such places, AO sex is also not welcomed. On the other hand, illegally working prostitutes do not have medical checks on a regular basis, and because they are not forced to do it, in most cases they simply ignore this. As a result, the number of STD cases is on the rise in Austria.

Police raids can also catch the customers. When a police squad raids an illegal prostitute, all of the customers who are caught red-handed get fined and they are escorted out from the building to the police station in public. This can also be a huge disadvantage because in such cases the family members, relatives, and friends can also get notified about their beloved one’s behavior of visiting prostitutes.

The biggest benefits of legal brothels

There are a lot of benefits when working in licensed brothels. The high-class places are continuously hiring and they are looking for all kinds of talents. Even if you are a newcomer or an experienced MILF, you can have your clientele in the selected place.

These places spend a lot on marketing and they have regulars, meaning that you don’t have to take care of the advertisements or finding customers. This is already a huge plus as getting customers is one of the hardest parts.

The high-class brothels have high-class clients, and the prices are set in stone. You can get a predictable income; the more you work and the better you are, the more money you earn.

In classic sex clubs, like Maxim Wien, you don’t have to pay an entry fee (in sauna clubs you can pay up to almost 100 EUR per night), so basically you can work even if you don’t have money to invest in your career.

These high-class brothels take care of you; they have a security guard, surveillance cameras at the entrance, and alarm systems in the rooms, which you can use in case of trouble.

And in general, problematic guests do not visit such places; they use cheap studios or visit illegal escorts.

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