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What is AO (Sex Without) and Why is it Bad for Sex Workers

In Vienna, there are lots of studios that force prostitutes into offering AO which refers to sex without condom. Now, of course, many guys would gladly have unprotected sex with some of the most beautiful girls in the Vienna paysex scene. It feels much better to do it that way, right?

Well, yes but here is another fact: Unprotected sex is the main cause of sexually transmitted diseases. An increasing number of people get infected by HIV day by day and it is all because of the huge number of clients who are demanding AO sex.

The abbreviation AO comes from the German phrase “Alles Ohne” and they also refer to it as “Ohneservice”. Another popular one is AOGR which is anal without condom.

The Cruel Rules set by the Huge Demand for Sex without Condom

It is also very cheap, which also means that it attracts the worst clients. In worst studios, there is always some bargaining going on. The clients usually don’t care about STDs. If the first girl offers AO and the other one says no, he is going to choose the first one in most cases. She gets paid the standard price and a little bit of extra while the other SW gets nothing.

This basically forces all sex workers in such studios to offer AO sex, otherwise they are losing money. They don’t want to risk it, yet they feel like they have to. If the girl can’t get clients because of this, the studio’s income is being compromised too. Therefore, many of them exclude girls who don’t want to offer AO Vienna.

It is a pretty rough situation to be in for these prostitutes. Their only choice is to look for sex work Vienna where AO is not mandatory and where other girls don’t lure clients away from them by offering it.

It is the sex worker’s responsibility to insist on AO sex. However, we can say that prostitution in these studios is still an underground trade where many factors are in play and the girls are pretty much powerless.

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