4 reasons why working as an independent sex worker is not a good idea

4 reasons why working as an independent sex worker in Vienna is not a good idea

During the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, sex workers in Vienna had no choice but to use sex catalogs to make their everyday living. Between 2020 and early 2022, all of the brothels were closed most of the time.

This was the period when sex advertisement sites like Booksusi or Wien Girls were the only options for sex workers to find customers and earn some income.

As we find ourselves in the last months of 2023, we are still dealing with the aftermath of this situation.

Brothels are struggling to find enough girls, as they believe that advertising on sex catalogs and working independently is a better option than working in a club in Vienna.

In this article, we will explain why it is not advisable to work without a green card and then outline 4 reasons why working as an independent sex worker in Vienna is not the best choice when comparing it to the best brothels in the city.

Having a Green Card is a Must

One of the biggest hurdles when embarking on a sex work career in Vienna is waiting for the issuance of a green health card. No reputable and successful brothel will hire you without a green card. During the waiting period for the green card, which can take up to a week, the temptation to work independently may arise.

Unfortunately, working as a sex worker without a valid health card is strictly illegal. Authorities closely monitor sex advertisement sites and conduct continuous raids. If you are caught engaging in an illegal sex act, you could face substantial fines, and your pending health card application may also be denied.

4 Reasons Why Not to Work as an Independent Sex Worker

1. Clients Request AO Sex

There is a growing trend where clients nowadays request sex without a condom, known as AO sex, from independent sex workers. This may also occur in brothels, but the top establishments in Vienna do not offer AO sex.

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The situation on sex advertisement portals differs, though. The ban on advertising AO sex became effective a few months ago, but before that, many catalogs featured an AO service filter, including Booksusi. Due to high demand, girls were often compelled to offer AO sex to avoid being filtered out. Over time, customers became accustomed to the fact that most girls on these catalogs offer AO sex, and if you advertise there, your guests will likely request it.

2. Clients Attempt to Negotiate Lower Prices and Can Be Aggressive

Most brothels have fixed price schedules, and customers are not allowed to negotiate lower prices. However, the situation is entirely different when you are alone and faced with a client attempting to haggle. You must be assertive in defending your prices, and in some cases, clients may become aggressive.

This is one of the major disadvantages of working independently; you essentially have no protection against verbal and physical violence. Even if you work with other girls, they may not be able or willing to assist you in such situations. The best brothels in Vienna have qualified security personnel capable of handling aggressive clients, and the rooms are equipped with alarm systems, allowing you to request immediate assistance.

3. Dealing with Fake Bookings and Other Traps

If you work alone, you will need to handle fake bookings. This can be particularly stressful if you visit customers at their homes. Keep in mind that on average, 1 out of every 4 bookings may turn out to be fake, and when you travel to a customer’s location, you incur taxi fares and other expenses. Working at a brothel or an escort agency can shield you from such costs, as these establishments typically cover them.

Some clients have developed the habit of concealing the fact that more than one person is waiting for you at the apartment. If you work alone, you again have limited options to protect yourself in such situations, and things can escalate quickly, especially when facing a group of intoxicated men.

Hidden cameras in the client’s apartment can also pose a problem. As an independent sex worker, customers may be aware that there is no one backing you up, allowing them to behave as they please. However, if you work for a brothel or an escort agency, the presence of an experienced staff and a legal entity acts as a strong deterrent against such behavior.

Of course, if you work in a brothel and take your clients to the club’s rooms, there is virtually no risk of being filmed. Privacy is highly secure in such places, applying to both customers and workers.

4. Advertising Responsibilities

When you work alone, you are responsible for your own advertising. This involves creating and maintaining your ads on catalogs and finding ways to outshine your competitors on the platform.

In contrast, working in a prestigious brothel means that clients will come to that location even without you posting a single ad. The experienced club staff handle ads and marketing, while your primary focus is providing the best services possible. The staff and your goals align perfectly, so they will go the extra mile to attract clients to you. The best establishments boast strong websites, active social media accounts, and paid advertising campaigns – resources you will not have access to if you work independently.

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