5 mistakes that 99% of the new escort girls make

5 mistakes that 99% of the new escort girls make

If you are new in the world of escort, then you should learn a lot and go a long way until you become a professional escort lady. The length of this way depends on you; the smarter ladies learn from others’ faults, and in this article, you can find the 5 most common mistakes that new escort girls make.

By reading this list, you can avoid them, become a more professional escort girl, gain more regulars, and save more money for unexpected expenses and for your future.

In this article, you can read about these mistakes that 99% of the escort ladies commit:

  1. Not doing enough research
  2. Spending all of the hard-earned money on nonsense
  3. Giving money to pimps or fake friends
  4. Not respecting clients enough to make them come back
  5. Overcharging the clients
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1. Not doing enough research

Doing the necessary research at the beginning of your career is a must, to find out what the best work solution for you is and the actual status of the scene.

Most of the ladies just take a few images, put online a profile on Booksusi, and wait for the client’s call. This can be the easiest and best idea at first, but we already wrote articles on why working as an independent escort girl in Vienna is not a good idea and what the biggest challenges you should handle during the work are.

Just mentioning the challenges and downfalls shortly, when you are working alone in the Viennese escort scene, you are truly alone, and no one is behind you. You will have to handle

  • the marketing,
  • booking requests,
  • changes, and cancellations,
  • and it is quite difficult to answer a client if you are in the middle of an escort meeting.
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And we have not yet mentioned the bad and poor clients, their traps, the fake bookings, the aggressive customers, etc.

It is also very important than working alone in the sex industry can be dangerous, especially if you are new in the scene. There are clients who want unprotected sex (AO sex) and do not have a fear to try to force you to provide it, and things can also become bad during the sexual encounter.

Don’t forget the fact that if you are working independently, from an apartment, which is illegal in Vienna, without regular health checks and police license, which are illegal again, clients will know this. What is worse, they will also know that most likely you won’t call the police whatever they do.

On the other hand, a reputable escort agency has a professional staff with big experience in eliminating bad clients, and shady people are less likely to target girls from official agencies than illegally working indies.

2. Spending your hard-earned money on nonsense

As soon as you start earning money in the sex industry, it can happen that from time to time you will have more money than you expected or experienced before. This is especially true if you don’t come from a wealthy family and you did not see too much money before.

In such cases, having a lot of money can give you a false impression, and you might think that the amount will last till the end of the world or it will be the same in the near future as well. But you should understand that there are better and worse times in this industry and it can also happen that you won’t have the same amount of customers.

You should also know that your sex career won’t last forever, and it is worth saving your money for later as well.

Most escort girls work in their 20s and 30s; however, it only depends on you for how long your customers will visit you. But basically, this industry is based on young women.

You have to decide which spending is reasonable for your profession and which is not. Having well-maintained hair, skin, and teeth is essential, and elegant dresses and shoes also cost a lot. But there is no reason to spend all of your money on nonsense, including luxury jewellery, parties, and exclusive travels.

The more money you save in your active years as an escort lady, the easier you will continue your private life later

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3. Giving your money to pimps or fake friends

If you earn good money in Vienna, sooner or later you will notice that you have too many good friends. Having a lot of friends can be fun, and also can result in big spending on parties, restaurants, bars, or other places as well.

You should understand that having fake friends because you pay for their life won’t help you once you run out of money. Some escort girls always spend all of their money, but as we mentioned in the previous point, money won’t last forever and your earnings will be hugely missed when you start a new life after the escort scene.

The same is true for pimps; if you plan to work in Vienna as an escort and live with your friend or pimp, it can also lead to a situation where you run out of money or you are threatened by an aggressive man who will take over most of your earnings.

4. Not respecting clients to have regulars

In the sex industry, regular clients can play a key role, as the more returning customers you have, the less you are affected by a bad business environment. But to have loyal clients, you should respect your guests and always try to give them some extra.

Working as an escort girl is not just about the sex; it is about human interactions as well. If you are a good and empathic conversationalist, your guests will more likely return to you to have a short conversation before or after the sex. Just because it shows that you are not interested only in money, but you really take care of how you provide your services to the customers. Also, smiling, and sometimes offering something extra that doesn’t require too much effort from you, will show that you take this business seriously and guests really respect it.

5. Overcharging your clients

Overcharging a client is not just one of the biggest mistakes in the sex industry, but if you check any of the Viennese or Austrian punter forums, it is the biggest red flag in customers’ eyes. These forums are full of warnings where punters share the red-flagged escort girls’ and other sex workers’ details with each other.

If you run into such a situation and you are mentioned in forums as a warning, you can quickly find yourself without serious clients. And if you work as an independent escort girl and try to set up a new profile under another name, it won’t help. The most experienced punters also browse the biggest sex catalogs and remember the sex workers from the agencies and brothels, and you would be surprised how much of them can tell which girl worked where in the past years, and under which names. So changing your name and phone number won’t help; your new identity’s details will be shared among the punters and you will be red-flagged again.

Of course, if you work at a reputable escort agency, not overcharging the client will be one of the most important rules, as the agency does not want to risk its reputation on the market. In case you cheat a client, you will be kicked out from the agency immediately.


In this article, you could read the 5 most common mistakes, which almost all of the newbie escort girls in Vienna make. These were:

  1. Not doing the necessary research
  2. Spending money on nonsense
  3. Spending money on fake friends
  4. Not working on having regulars
  5. Overcharging the clients

If you take our advice and avoid these mistakes, you will not just be a more successful escort girl but also have a more stable income thanks to the returning clients, and be able to save money for your later life. Don’t forget, it is always better to learn from others’ mistakes than making them yourself.

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