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arrested suspect in Vienna

3 sex workers were stabbed to death in a studio in Vienna

By Lukas Bauer - February 24, 2024 -

On Friday, 23rd February, around 9 pm, the Vienna police were alerted that a passerby discovered a blood track leading from a sex studio onto the sidewalk. The police officers and the ambulance teams arrived at the scene shortly and found 3 Asian women stabbed to death. This happened in the 20th district, in Studio…

a man is stalking a sex worker in vienna

3 reasons you have to ghost one of your clients

By Lukas Bauer - February 7, 2024 -

We have read a good article on Sex in Vienna, which explained 5 reasons to the readers, why their favourite sex worker ghosted them. It provided quite good reasons, so in this article we will use these reasons in a point-of-view of a sex worker. We have compiled the top 3 reasons why you have…

arrested sex worker in Austria

Dispute Over Services Leads to Arrest of Hungarian Woman in Villach

By Lukas Bauer - February 5, 2024 -

As Sex Vienna magazin reported, a disagreement about services between a customer and an illegal sex worker in Villach ended with the arrest of a 27-year-old Hungarian woman on February 2nd. On that morning, local authorities were called to a dispute in a Villach apartment building. It turned out that a 27-year-old Hungarian woman was…

airport escort lady in Vienna airport

What Sex Workers Should Know About Vienna Airport Escort

By Lukas Bauer - January 26, 2024 -

The world of escort services offers various options to meet different needs, and one of these options is the airport escort service. This service provides discreet and professional companionship to travelers arriving at Vienna’s Schwechat Airport. For sex workers interested in offering airport escort services in Vienna, it’s essential to understand how this niche works.…

arrest in Vienna

Police Close Illegal Brothel in Tyrol: Operation Targets Human Trafficking

By Lukas Bauer - December 25, 2023 -

After conducting a series of police raids, an illicitly operated brothel in the Tyrolean lowlands has been shut down, revealing connections to illegal prostitution and pimping. The Tyrol State Criminal Investigation Agency (LKA) had been conducting a months-long investigation into a three-person criminal organization, comprised of a 51-year-old Austrian national, a 57-year-old Turkish national, and…

in a Vienna sex club

Why is a job in Vienna’s nightlife more exciting than an office work?

By Lukas Bauer - December 14, 2023 -

Discovering the perks of working in a premium sex club If you’re someone who craves fun and excitement, finding yourself trapped in the monotonous grind of an office job can be a real drag. The daily routine of waking up at 6:30, sipping your first coffee at 8:00, and then slogging through the same repetitive…

sex worker murdered

Sex worker brutally killed in Koblenz

By Lukas Bauer - November 30, 2023 -

In a horrifying event in Koblenz, a woman believed to be a prostitute was brutally murdered. The emergency services received a distress call last Wednesday night, finding the woman unconscious and in cardiac arrest in an apartment. Despite immediate medical attention, she died in a Koblenz hospital later that night. The autopsy revealed she had…

sex worker in vienna

Top 5 Things You’ll Face as an Independent Escort Girl

By Lukas Bauer - November 23, 2023 -

As you embark on your journey as an independent escort, it’s crucial to prepare for the unique challenges that lie ahead. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top 5 challenges you’re likely to encounter in your role. These hurdles may seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and strategies, you can navigate them…

sex worker in vienna

4 Reasons Why Working as an Independent Sex Worker in Vienna is Not a Good Idea

By Lukas Bauer - November 2, 2023 -

During the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, sex workers in Vienna had no choice but to use sex catalogs to make their everyday living. Between 2020 and early 2022, all of the brothels were closed most of the time. This was the period when sex advertisement sites like Booksusi or Wien Girls were the…

It is safer to pay for sexual services upfront

By Lukas Bauer - September 17, 2023 -

As reported by Sex in Vienna, the police were called to a well-known sauna club in Villach due to a serious altercation between a customer and a sex worker. It was revealed that the 53-year-old man did not have the money to pay for the sexual service, and he had not communicated this in advance.…