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Pimping is Still Highly Prevalent in France

By Lukas Bauer - February 15, 2023 -

The French police simply can’t stop illegal brothels from blooming. There is always another South American pimp to deal with, and the fight never seems to come to an end. Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in France, it is in high demand and there are lots of brothels to find. The Police are…

westbahnhof wien

New Green Oasis in the Ex Red Light District of Westbahnhof

By Lukas Bauer - December 29, 2022 -

Ferberstraße is one of those streets in Vienna that has a long history when it comes to prostitution. Now that is a thing of the past due to the 2011 prostitution law. It has put an end to those activities in almost all parts of the city including the industrial area. Now they are planning…

Arrests in Mallorca for being forced into prostitution for 21 hours every day

By Lukas Bauer - November 17, 2022 -

Under false identities, the foreign ladies were seduced and brought to the Spanish island. Increasingly harsh pimping of prostitutes was reportedly taking place in Mallorca, where police detained three suspected pimps who supposedly forced women to work 21 hours per day. According to the Mallorca Zeitung on the first week of November, which referenced the…

In Vienna, the cost of sex is rising

By Lukas Bauer - November 10, 2022 -

Nearly all adult facilities in Vienna have raised their rates since the pandemic and the associated shutdown. Women who advertise on social media have increased the fees they charge for their services. We will start with the independent sex workers are generally women who promote themselves online without the help of a club or another…

Best Ways to Pleasure a customer during an escort date

By Lukas Bauer - October 9, 2022 -

Seeking a fresh passion? Considering love from a new perspective? Making sensual fantasies come true is fun, right? Men precisely desire this in bed. This article can assist in exploring further into that hot subject. Science is applied to sexual life. Many queries require an answer: What exactly does “making hubby comfortable” mean? What does…

a Vienna luxury escort girl

4 More Escort Services Myths

By Lukas Bauer - October 8, 2022 -

In this article are presented a few more of the common myths about everyday sex work. All escorts have STDs If they get careless, anyone might become a sexually spread disease host. However, escort models take further precautions to ensure both their own safety and the protection of their customers. After all, it is their responsibility…

luxury escort girl on a sofa

6 Things How to Be a Good Client: Escort Dating Guidelines

By Lukas Bauer - October 7, 2022 -

The article is for those people who can become potential clients. Austrian Independent Escorts are eager to meet you. 1. Review online sources Reading through escort review websites thoroughly is the first thing that is advised to do. Most of the issues that fascinate men so much have solutions. Please examine and thoroughly read all…

6 Escort Services Myths

By Lukas Bauer - October 6, 2022 -

One of the tabooest subjects, escort services are covered in a range of urban legends. 1. Escorts, like prostitutes, are unethical Escort services and prostitute services are frequently distinguished from one another. This is because, in contrast to prostitutes, escort models may both perform intimate services and just accompany their customers. Everyone establishes the boundaries…

blonde luxury escort girl in Vienna

The magic of Blonde Luxury Escorts

By Lukas Bauer - October 4, 2022 -

Some guys like young women with curvy bodies and light hair, while others prefer brunettes. Some people favor exotic women. It was always a question of how blondes are seen around the world and what distinguishes blonde escort models from their counterparts in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, and other cities. Each woman has a unique beauty and allure,…

luxury escort girl in costume

The most common male sexual dream is that of escorts in uniform

By Lukas Bauer - September 16, 2022 -

The most common fantasies asked by Escort Girls’ clients are listed here, either to satisfy a desire or simply for the enjoyment of playing sensual games. THE ATHLETE Many guys dream of wearing sneakers—cozy, form-fitting clothing that accentuates the contours of an athletic, well-groomed physique. THE NURSE The idea of the nurse is centered on…