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Man faces life sentence for murder of sex worker

By Lukas Bauer - June 6, 2024 -

A 46-year-old Turkish-Kurdish man stands trial in the Frankfurt District Court, accused of the brutal murder of a 27-year-old sex worker in October 2022. Prosecutors are pushing for a life sentence. The woman met the defendant at a Frankfurt sex club a few weeks before her death. Court documents reveal that the man pressured her…


Loverboy forced a 17-year-old into prostitution in Vienna

By Lukas Bauer - June 3, 2024 -

A 17-year-old girl from Bulgaria was lured to Austria with promises of a better life, only to be forced into prostitution by a 19-year-old Bulgarian man. The young man used severe violence to force her into working at a brothel in Vienna. The young woman live met the loverboy online, who promised her a better…

Best Places to work as a Luxury Escort Girl

Best places to work as a luxury escort girl

By Lukas Bauer - June 1, 2024 -

Working in the escort field has become something that many women want to pursue as a career. Not only is this a very lucrative opportunity, but at the same time it has many other benefits that we’ve talked about on this blog. In case this is something that interests you too, be sure to check…

a luxury escort girl in Vienna

5 essential skills for being a luxury escort in Vienna

By Lukas Bauer - June 1, 2024 -

High-end escorts represent the pinnacle of the industry. Many articles discuss how to become an escort, but becoming an elite companion involves more than just being pretty or tall. It’s about embracing inner beauty and carefully assessing your best personal qualities. That’s precisely what these men desire and pay for: a genuine person, not just…

4 Reasons Why sexjobs can be better than regular jobs

4 reasons why sexjobs can be better than regular jobs

By Lukas Bauer - May 31, 2024 -

Starting a career in the sex scene in Vienna can be a life-changing opportunity if you wish to make a lot of money and have fun doing it. There are numerous reasons as to why we think sexjobs can be better than almost any regular job. We will be expanding on these reasons in the…

Former thai boxing champion sentenced to seven years for fatal robbery in Berlin

By Lukas Bauer - May 24, 2024 -

A former Thai boxing champion has been sentenced to seven years in prison for a fatal robbery in a brothel apartment. The Berlin Regional Court found the 47-year-old man guilty of robbery resulting in death. The incident occurred on the night of April 17, 2023, in the Friedrichshain district. During the robbery, the man struck…


Woman tortured to death after being forced to work as an illegal prostitute

By Lukas Bauer - May 19, 2024 -

A trial has begun at the Koblenz Regional Court involving a 48-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman accused of brutally killing a 31-year-old woman in Koblenz-Rauental. According to the prosecution, they held their victim as a slave for at least six months, forcing her into prostitution. They took all the money she earned, using it…

a group of coins and paper money

A brothel owner earned 340,000 Swiss francs by employing illegal Chinese sex workers

By Lukas Bauer - May 14, 2024 -

A brothel owner and her partner are currently standing trial at the District Court of Kulm in Aargau Canton. The 50-year-old Chinese woman and her 59-year-old Swiss partner, who own 5 brothels, along with a 59-year-old Swiss woman working as a secretary, are charged with exploiting vulnerable Chinese sex workers. According to the Aargau cantonal…

Romanian sex worker faces legal actions in Graz for health violations

By Lukas Bauer - May 8, 2024 -

In Graz, a Romanian sex worker was brought before the court in Graz after she continued to engage in her profession despite testing positive for gonorrhea. Her illnes was discovered during a police raid at a local laufhaus, where she failed to provide the mandatory health certificate required by law. The court heard that the…

police vienna

The man, who killed three sex workers, may escape prison due to his mental illness

By Lukas Bauer - May 5, 2024 -

Ebudallah A., the suspect in the triple murder of three prostitutes in Vienna, may escape prison due to his mental illness. According to recent expert analysis, the 27-year-old Afghan national has been deemed unfit to stand trial. What happened in Studio 126a? As we wrote, on Friday, February 23, the 27-year-old asylum seeker visited the…