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All You Need to Know about Legal Sex Work in Austria

By Lukas Bauer - April 11, 2024 -

Austria is one of those countries where sex work is legalized and regulated by numerous laws. However, these laws can vary from one federal state to the other. These laws were formulated with the safety of sex workers in mind, guaranteeing the best possible conditions for the clients as well. What is the procedure of…

Sex worker sallary in Vienna

Earning potential of sex workers in Vienna

By Lukas Bauer - April 4, 2024 -

If you are thinking about starting your career in the sex work in Vienna business, one of the biggest benefits is the money that can be earned. Vienna is known to be the ideal city to start if you want to archieve a good sex worker sallary. However, this hugely depends on where you start…

Best Escort Agency in Vienna

How to find the best job in an escort agency in Vienna

By Lukas Bauer - April 4, 2024 -

When it comes to finding the perfect escort work in Vienna, there are various factors that you should take into consideration before picking where you want to apply. Vienna is a thriving city when it comes to legalized prostitution and there are a myriad of different escort agencies to choose from. However, the agency that…

polizei deutschland

Sex worker was caught red-handed in illegal prostitution

By Lukas Bauer - March 24, 2024 -

A few days ago, an apartment hotel owner in Bad Wörishofen called the police because she noticed that a rentee is providing illegal sexual services from one of her apartments. The police officers visited the hotel and they found a man who had a meeting with an illegal sex worker there. The legal procedure has…

13 women rescued from exploitation on Mallorca

By Lukas Bauer - March 20, 2024 -

In a significant operation against forced prostitution, the national police on Mallorca have liberated 13 Chinese women from their harrowing ordeal. Victims of sexual exploitation in Palma, as well as in Madrid, Barcelona, and Poland, these women were subjected to slave-like conditions under the control of human traffickers. The breakthrough was announced by the National…


German man accused of assaulting prostitute

By Lukas Bauer - March 17, 2024 -

In the first days of March, a troubling event unfolded in an Innsbruck brothel, where a 33-year-old man from Germany allegedly got into a fight with a sex worker and caused damage to the place. Things got worse when he resisted arrest by the police. Police were called to the scene around 2:15 a.m. after…

One quarter of sex workers might work illegally in Austria

By Lukas Bauer - March 1, 2024 -

In a recent article on, it was reported that the number of establishments providing sex work services in Austria is on the decline. This decrease is linked to the Corona pandemic, which has prompted an increase in hidden apartment prostitution. According to the article, there has been a notable shift from visible to hidden…

arrested suspect in Vienna

3 sex workers were stabbed to death in a studio in Vienna

By Lukas Bauer - February 24, 2024 -

On Friday, 23rd February, around 9 pm, the Vienna police were alerted that a passerby discovered a blood track leading from a sex studio onto the sidewalk. The police officers and the ambulance teams arrived at the scene shortly and found 3 Asian women stabbed to death. This happened in the 20th district, in Studio…

a man is stalking a sex worker in vienna

3 reasons you have to ghost one of your clients

By Lukas Bauer - February 7, 2024 -

We have read a good article on Sex in Vienna, which explained 5 reasons to the readers, why their favourite sex worker ghosted them. It provided quite good reasons, so in this article we will use these reasons in a point-of-view of a sex worker. We have compiled the top 3 reasons why you have…

arrested sex worker in Austria

Dispute Over Services Leads to Arrest of Hungarian Woman in Villach

By Lukas Bauer - February 5, 2024 -

As Sex Vienna magazin reported, a disagreement about services between a customer and an illegal sex worker in Villach ended with the arrest of a 27-year-old Hungarian woman on February 2nd. On that morning, local authorities were called to a dispute in a Villach apartment building. It turned out that a 27-year-old Hungarian woman was…