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Reasons not to work illegally in apartments in Vienna

Although prostitution is legalized and regulated in Vienna, women are only allowed to work in legally operated businesses. There are numerous great sex bars, brothels, Laufhauses and other types of establishments in Vienna that you can choose if you wish to start working in this field. However, there are women who offer their services through illegal means, from their apartments. Illegal apartment prostitution has always been present in the city, and the problem has only escalated since the pandemic started. Because of this, we have decided to show you a few reasons why working illegally in apartments in Vienna is a bad idea.

Working from illegal apartments is not safe

Women who choose to work legally in Vienna receive numerous benefits. For example, most adult entertainment establishments have a security system in order to protect the ladies who work there. These security measures include cameras all over the premises, security personnel, a management who the women can turn to in case they need help with anything, and in some cases even a panic button in the rooms. The authorities can be called in case there is a problem and the women can feel safe while working.

On the other hand, women who work from illegal apartments do not have any protection whatsoever. They need to work in secret and there is nobody to turn to in case their client wants to do something malicious or if there are any other issues. Because of this, working from apartments is definitely not safe and can be very dangerous for you.

The police are constantly raiding illegal apartments

Recently we are hearing about more and more police raids being done on private apartments in Vienna. These police raids are happening constantly and a lot of illegally working women have been fined and punished.

When the police raid an apartment, it is usually closed afterwards and the occupants kicked out without a notice. You could also get your work permit suspended and might even get banned from entering the country. In addition to all of this, there are also huge fines that are written out to the illegally working women, as well as the landlord whose apartment was used. As a result of this, the negatives outweigh the positives that come with working from an illegal apartment and doing this can only end badly.

The police usually use online catalogues where girls advertise themselves as their source of information. Since this is one of the only ways illegally working women can advertise themselves, they constantly have to live in fear of being arrested.

Conclusion on working illegally in apartments in Vienna

As you can see from this post, it is very dangerous to work from illegal apartments in Wien. You constantly need to fear for your wellbeing and source of income, and you cannot even call the authorities for help either.

Working through legal ways is much more profitable, safe and definitely more relaxing and stress-free. Depending on which type of establishment you decide to start working at, you could meet a lot of interesting people, have drinks with them and work from a safe and comfortable environment.

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