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Successful escort ladies possess these 5 traits

Being an escort in Vienna means encountering a variety of clients. Success isn’t just about looks; it’s about having certain qualities. Whether you’re new to this or improving your skills, there are key traits you should gain to become a professional.

Read our article to know more about these 5 traits:

1. Looking great and being flexible

Think about it: one night, you’re at a fancy party with a VIP, the next, you’re in a cozy penthouse. You need to adapt to each situation. Be classy at events, and sensual in private. Your ability to switch between these shows your style.

As an escort lady, you should know when to be elegant and when to be a bit slutty.

The sex scene in Vienna is varied, just like the clients. The more situations you can handle, the more successful you can be and the more money you can earn. There’s a wide spectrum between elegance and naughtiness that you can explore and use to your advantage. One thing’s for sure, your diversity pays off.

2. Fitting in anywhere

As an escort, you go to all sorts of places, from high-end parties to quiet spots. Being able to blend in is important. Read the atmosphere, act accordingly, and meet expectations. Whether you’re the life of the party or keeping things low-key, make each encounter feel special.

The clients who hire escorts can be extremely diverse. You’ll meet everyday men who need a high-class companion for a few hours, as well as wealthy businessmen. It’s not difficult to see that all customer types require different assets and services from you, and in most cases, you need to adjust these details on the fly. However, working to fit into more and more situations will help build your professional career and secure returning clients.

3. Being smart and interesting

Looks catch attention, but being able to talk keeps it. Your mind is as important as your appearance. Stay updated, read, and be ready for good conversations. Your clients want someone who can talk about important stuff. Be that person who makes connections beyond just looks.

This means that you have to keep your eyes open in the world and stay updated about current events. The best clients, the wealthy people, and otherwise skilled men have the most money, and they read newspapers, follow the news, and know a lot about the world.

If you want to be their escort lady, then you should also be informed about these happenings. If not, then you’ll be hired for a one-time encounter, and next time, the wealthy client will choose another girl.

But if you meet their intellectual expectations, you can be kept for longer visits or become a regular with local clients.

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4. Giving full attention

In a world full of distractions, giving someone your complete focus is valuable. When you’re with a client, make them feel like they’re the most important person. Turn off distractions and be fully present. By showing genuine interest, you create a special atmosphere that clients will remember.

As we’ve mentioned many times, the high-class escort business is much more than just sex. Showing your interests and taking care of the client is the other part of the job, and this helps build connections and value behind the physical interactions.

All of the most successful escort girls have learned this lesson, and this is what distinguishes regular escort girls from the high-class ones. If you want to earn good money and be successful long-term in this business, you should focus on being a high-class escort.

5. Handling money professionally

escort girl discussing the money with the client

Being an escort is about providing a service, so be clear about your rates upfront. You shouldn’t be shy about discussing money since clients also understand that everyone is working for money, and in this aspect, escorting is no different from other jobs.

But once things are settled, focus exclusively on the experience, not on money.

There’s nothing worse for clients than having the right mood ruined by negotiation, especially if it’s for a small extra amount.

You should learn how to negotiate your prices with your clients, when to do it, and how to get the desired extra money for additional services.


In this article, you learned about the 5 traits needed for successful escort ladies:

  • Being flexible and having a great appearance
  • Being able to fit into every situation
  • Being smart and well-informed about the world
  • Giving your full attention to the client
  • Knowing how to handle money professionally

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