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Pistol instead of money – a young man is now under police investigation

In Herbertingen, Germany, a young man met with a sex worker. The woman wanted to get the money for her services in advance, but the young man pulled out a blank-firing gun instead. He is now under investigation because of violations of weapons law and threatening.

At the moment it is not clear whether the man is younger than 18 years, but because the police authorities do not disclose his age, it is highly possible.

They arranged the sex meeting online

The young man and the sex worker arranged the sex meeting on the internet, using an online service where the women advertise themselves. They met each other in a garden house, where after discussing the details, the woman asked for the money for her services in advance. The young man, instead of paying the amount, pulled out his blank-firing gun and threatened the woman instead.

The sex worker fled the scene, and the guy also left the house and threw away the gun during his walk. He was pursued by the two companions of the woman until the police arrived.

As later turned out, the gun was a blank-firing gun. It is a type of firearm designed to fire blank cartridges, which contain gunpowder but no bullet. When fired, these guns produce a loud noise and a muzzle flash, simulating the sound and appearance of real gunfire without harming someone.

Because the police did not know that it was not a real gun, they arrived at the scene with many cars. The discussed price of the services was also not disclosed; however, the police spokesperson said that it was in the low three-digit range.

It is always safer to work in a high-class brothel

As we have written many times, it is always safer for sex workers to work in the best high-class brothels. This is the same in all of the DACH countries, and especially Austria’s sex scene is safer than the other two German-language countries’ scenes.

Women can find a lot of high-class sex clubs and other brothel types in the Austrian capital, where new talents are always needed. They offer good earning possibilities and far safer work environments in the industry, where the sex workers are guarded by bouncers, face checks for guests, and in-door alarm systems.

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