Woman tortured to death after being forced to work as an illegal prostitute

A trial has begun at the Koblenz Regional Court involving a 48-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman accused of brutally killing a 31-year-old woman in Koblenz-Rauental.

According to the prosecution, they held their victim as a slave for at least six months, forcing her into prostitution. They took all the money she earned, using it to support their own lifestyle. When their business slowed during the summer and they could not afford a vacation, the violence against the victim increased.

Over several months, the woman suffered more than 50 bone fractures, burns, and internal injuries. She was beaten with fists and broomsticks, humiliated, tortured, and tied up.

She lived on the bathroom floor

The victim was forced to live on the bathroom floor of their shared apartment, where she also served clients. She had not been allowed to leave the apartment for at least six months. In November 2023, the woman died from peritonitis. At the time of her death, she had severe injuries all over her body, as reported by the prosecution.

Both the accused and the victim are from Bulgaria and have been involved in the Koblenz red-light district for many years. The accused photographed their acts, posing next to their victim. An analysis of their smartphones revealed that these images were regularly sent to relatives and friends in Bulgaria and Austria.

The prosecution accuses the defendants of committing a joint and cruel murder for base motives. The crime is also considered a particularly severe case of forced prostitution resulting in death.

It is difficult to believe that no one in the apartment building in Koblenz-Rauental noticed the woman’s suffering. The judge stated at the start of the trial that neighbors in the building are also being investigated for failing to provide assistance. The first witnesses from the neighborhood are expected to testify in court in the near future.

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