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When written words matter in contact with escorts

Writing has long been valued at equal with verbal, gestural, and nonverbal communication as a means of communication.

A “Hello,” a “Thank you,” or a “See you soon” are not, just appropriate for spoken communication. Since social media has gained monopoly, many people have violated these codes of conduct, which frequently lead to arguments, misinterpretations of the message being shared, or—in rare instances—reveal strangeness, ignorance, distance, or aggression where none exists.

Knowing how to compose clear, courteous, well-punctuated texts with as few mistakes as possible is a rarity these days in this adult profession where customers and escorts oddly prefer not to talk to each other before meeting.

A customer with a basic level of knowledge will be sensitive to this sort of detail, which will unavoidably affect his decision to meet this girl or not, which they appear to dismiss. Words have a lot more significance in written communication because they are given far more weight than they do in spoken communication.

Find out below how to improve the quality of the content in your SMS and email communications to avoid sounding “Ghetto.”

1. Be sure to use manners wherever possible.

Hello, thank you, and I’ll talk to you later. The buyer will see right away that you are a well-behaved girl since it costs nothing.

It is especially crucial to start with a formula of courtesy since it prioritizes the connection before getting to the point. Contrarily, avoid beginning your sentence with a negation or a word that has a negative meaning.

2. Respond to the query

Nothing is more upsetting to a customer than asking a question and not receiving an answer. Even if you are uncomfortable answering this question, attempt to do so in a straightforward or subtle manner to avoid coming off as pompous. 

3. Refrain from becoming too emotional with emoji

Escorts frequently misuse emoticons like the heart and the lover to comfort their clients. Keep in mind that these are potent communication channels that have the potential to deceive you or imply ideas or emotions that you do not necessarily share. 

Choose neutral emojis instead than those with hidden meanings.

4. Pay attention to your punctuation and try to avoid spelling errors

Use Google Translator (or a similar program) if you don’t know the language of the nation where you work or if you speak it poorly; it won’t be flawless, but it will be far superior to your ability in that language. Nothing is more offensive than a communication that is badly written, lacks punctuation, and uses filthy or hostile language. However, making an effort to write properly is highly regarded.

You will be able to grasp communication, translate your response accurately, and organize your obligations more effectively as a result. You can’t afford not to communicate effectively in writing when you work in a nation whose language you don’t know  correctly since your wages will suffer as a result.

5. Avoid using uppercase letters while writing

When a word is the only one in a group of words, it is given greater importance and stands out more. This is why writing in all caps is perceived as yelling Via SMS/Email; shouting is hostile. When messaging clients, avoid using capital letters at all costs.

Furthermore, keep in mind that, despite of the message’s subject, proofreading should always be done before hitting the “send” button.

Too many Escorts prefer written communication to spoken communication because it appears easier to them, despite the fact that writing effectively is a challenging practice.

Remember that you only get one chance to make a positive first impression in every form of communication, including writing communication!

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