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4 tips and tricks to being a professional escort in Vienna

High-end escorts are at the highest level in the industry. We can find many articles on how to become an escort, but becoming an elite companion is not all about being pretty or tall. It is more about embracing inner beauty than carefully assessing your best personal qualities.

That is precisely what these men desire and pay for, a genuine person, not a ‘worker.’ A luxury escort girl in Vienna meets with like refined males, exposing herself to only delicate, mutually loved relationships. She is not a stripper or a prostitute. Not every woman is built out for the elite world, and not every woman can be an elite companion or travel escort.

1. The overall appearance of a luxury escort girl

This is an image-based sector, similar to the modeling industry. As luxury escort girls in Vienna, you must be young-looking, traditionally gorgeous, with smooth skin and attractive characteristics. Your hair should be on point, appropriate, and with a conventional color, as pink or blue is not accepted in high-end society.

Natural beauty is a must, you need to be pleasant to the eye, cosmetic surgery can improve your look, but too many fillers can damage your appearance.

2. Health and lifestyle

On the topic of looks, we should add that you need to be in perfect shape and no matter the type of body you have – a top hourglass body type, or a straight one, to become a top escort you should be phenomenally fit.

A big part of this life is to watch your nutrition and take sports very seriously, eat healthily, and work out every day. As mentioned before, big implants and a puffy face are out of the question, if you really believe your future as a Vienna luxury escort lady.

3. Education

For a Vienna luxury escort girl, traditional schooling must be done, this helps to succeed in life and knowledge is crucial for the world we live in, a perspective of looking at life, and helps build opinions and multiple topics to talk about. Practicing ballet, visiting different communities, and having good taste in music will help to turn your way of thinking into something more meaningful.

Only with classic literature and music you can step out of the ordinary and teach about how to value mortal things in life. An ideal companion should possess the ability to be truly passionate about something and enjoy the finest things in life.

4. Social environment

These must be mentioned when it comes to background, proper housing, facilities for education, and health care. You must have clean behavior, without an environment of drugs and alcohol.

The ideal companion has the image of a lady fragile, but powerful, charming, tolerant, and knows what and when to be said. Some of the thing’s money cannot buy are manners, morals, and integrity. Always calm and cheerful, never goes underestimated in high society. Vienna is a beautiful city where you can achieve your personal and work goals as well!

The importance of working at a luxury escort agency

When you find a good luxury escort agency, take some time to think if you feel comfortable around the people you are going to work for. If you click with them, you can even negotiate the fee and decide whom you will go on dates with.

Always remember that an agency that forces you to meet with certain people, wants to take advantage of you. You should be wise and pick your agency carefully, as this business is about flexibility and reliability.

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