Underage Prostitute Rescued from Brothel by Police

An underage prostitute from Eastern Europe was rescued from a brothel by the Aargau police, resulting in an arrest warrant against the operator. The tip-off came from a member of the public, who reported that a young woman was working in a brothel in the Baden district. Upon arrival, the police found the age of an employee to be in doubt, according to the Aargau Canton Prosecutor’s Office on Friday. The identity documents did not match the person in question.

As a result of these findings, the young woman was removed from the brothel and an investigation into promoting prostitution of minors and potentially qualified human trafficking was opened by the Canton Prosecutor’s Office. During subsequent interrogations and investigations by specialized staff of the cantonal police and the prosecutor’s office, suspicions against the brothel operator increased.

House searches were carried out in two Aargau municipalities on Wednesday in close collaboration between law enforcement agencies. The brothel operator was arrested, and the Canton Prosecutor’s Office requested pre-trial detention for the 58-year-old. She is under urgent suspicion of sexually exploiting the underage teenager. Until a legally binding conviction, the presumption of innocence remains.

The underage woman has been transferred to a specialized agency for psychological care.

Why it is safer to work in a licensed brothel?

While cases of forced prostitution and human trafficking continue to be a growing problem in the sex industry, working in a licensed brothel can offer a safer and more secure environment for sex workers. In contrast to illegal brothels where sex workers are often subjected to abuse, exploitation, and violence, licensed brothels provide a controlled and regulated setting.

Unlike unlicensed brothels, licensed brothels are subject to regular inspections by authorities to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Sex workers in licensed brothels have access to medical care, regular STD testing, and protection from violent clients. Furthermore, licensed brothels employ trained security personnel to ensure the safety of all those involved.

In contrast, unlicensed brothels are often run by criminal organizations and pimps who exploit and abuse sex workers. In many cases, sex workers in unlicensed brothels are forced into the industry against their will and are subject to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. By working in a licensed brothel, sex workers are provided with a safe and supportive work environment that prioritizes their health and wellbeing.

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A 39-year-old Hungarian woman was forced into prostitution in a brothel in Vienna by a man who had promised to help her obtain legal authorization to work in the sex industry.

The man demanded that she work for him and turn over her earnings, threatening to kill her if she did not comply. Witnesses intervened and came to the woman’s aid, causing the man to flee. The suspect was later arrested at the Nickelsdorf border crossing by the Burgenland police, and the case was taken over by the Vienna State Criminal Police, Human Trafficking Investigation Department, Storage Group.

The State Criminal Police continue to investigate the case, and the incident highlights the ongoing issue of human trafficking and forced prostitution in Austria, emphasizing the importance of reporting suspicious activities to the authorities: Woman from Hungary, 39, Coerced into Prostitution

Illegal brothels run by South American prostitution rings are a growing problem in France, and the police appear to be powerless to stop them. Despite prostitution being illegal in France, it is still in high demand and many brothels are operating across the country.

In November 2022, police conducted a major raid in Paris, which led to the arrest of numerous pimps and the closure of two illegal brothels. However, the police admit that the problem persists, and many brothels are run by mafia-like South American pimp organizations, who rent properties and resort to human trafficking to obtain women from Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, or Brazil.

These women are often in the industry for only a short period of time, and the police have struggled to address the issue effectively: Pimping is Still Highly Prevalent in France

Police in Mallorca detained three suspected pimps accused of forcing women to work 21 hours a day under false identities. The women were brought to the Spanish island with promises of successful jobs as nurses or maids, but instead were pushed into prostitution at a Palma apartment.

The victims were given only three hours of sleep per day and their passports were taken. According to the report, the ladies were able to escape and call the police in August.

The suspects, including a 52-year-old man and two women, aged 26 and 27, were taken into custody. Investigations are ongoing: Arrests in Mallorca for being forced into prostitution for 21 hours every day

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