Sex worker was attacked on the street

An unknown man attacked a sex worker on the street of Bielefeld, Germany, after chased her for more than a kilometer.

The attack took place on 1st April, after the attacker started to chase her victim at around 1.15am. He followed her for more than 1 kilometre, and the approached and grabbed her. At first, the woman managed to escape but after few hundred metres, the attacker caught up her again.

The women screamed and defensed herself heavily, while the 35 to 45 year-old-man fled the scene. The local police is still searching for him.

There was a raise in number of sexual violence cases

According to the Police Crime Statistics, the latest data from 2022 shows a raise in number of sexual violence cases. There were 11896 cases in Germany, related to rape, sexual coercion and particularly severe cases of sexual assault. The numbers showed a 20% increase compared to the previous year’s 1993 cases.

The clearance rate was 83.7% and the average prison sentence without probation was 4.5 years. Average 40% of the attackers got suspended sentences, and 28% of judgments in rape cases resulted in probationary measures.

71.3% of sexual abuse and rape cases occurred in private apartments. From the 10045 attackers in 2022, 6366 were German nationals, 3679 were non-German nationals and 1155 were immigrants.

According to Bild, 71,4% of the victims do not report the crime due to a lack of evidence while 51,3% believe that the police will not be able to solve the case. Finally, 50,9% choose not to report the crime because they want to forget about it.

the attacker on a surveillance cam, source: Police

High-class nightclubs are safer and lot of security measurements safeguards the girls

It is much safer to work in legal brothels than providing sexual services on the streets. Nowadays, a safe working environment in sex industry is more important than ever, as we hear more and more crimes against sex workers. No so long ago, at the end of February, three Chinese sex workers were stabbed to death in a small studio in Vienna, there were no security personnel available in the brothel.

As comparison, brothels, like nightclubs or classic sex clubs are much safer, since the guests are selected and checked at the entrance. There are also surveillance cameras and bouncers in the club. These kinds of visible measurement steps already deter most of the criminals, while all of the rooms in such brothels are equipped with alarm system so the sex workers can ask for immediate help in case of attack.

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