Romanian sex worker faces legal actions in Graz for health violations

In Graz, a Romanian sex worker was brought before the court in Graz after she continued to engage in her profession despite testing positive for gonorrhea. Her illnes was discovered during a police raid at a local laufhaus, where she failed to provide the mandatory health certificate required by law.

The court heard that the sex worker was aware of her health condition but chose to continue offering services, thereby violating public health guidelines. Her lawyer acknowledged her lapse in judgment and confirmed that she took full responsibility for her actions. It was also noted that by the time of the raid, she had been treated and cured of the infection.

The manager of the brothel where she worked faced charges for allegedly providing accommodations to her despite knowing her health status. However, he was acquitted due to insufficient evidence to prove he had the capability to prevent her from working.

In Graz, regular health checks are mandatory, with sex workers required to undergo testing for gonorrhea every six weeks and for HIV and syphilis every 12 weeks.

There are strict rules for sex workers in Austria

Although prostitution is legal in Austria, this does not mean that the women can work wherever and whenever they want. There are very strict rules that must be followed, and police officers perform regular raids in every city against illegal prostitution. We reported about such raids here, here and here.

The women must have a license from the police (blue book) and undergo an initial health check, followed by regular health checks (green book).

They also must pay taxes and health insurance in Austria, just the same as employees or entrepreneurs in other professions.

It is also important to note that there are different regulations and rules in the various federal states, which the women must follow. In the capital city, where there is the most vibrant and lively sex scene, sexual services should not be provided from private apartments, as this is prohibited by law.

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