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Sex Workers Critique Police Because Of The Illegal Prostitution

The pandemic has brought a lot of troubles in the sex industry, considering that the brothels were shut down and people were unable to leave their houses. Even though illegal prostitution was an issue even before corona, during this time it has reached its height.

Kim Volk-Halat who runs the legal prostitution brothel expresses her frustration with this situation and blames the police for not taking measures against it.

She states that even though brothels were able to work from the summer period, illegal prostitution left the mark on her business. In 2017, nine violations were registered in the Allgäu, in 2020 there were 34, and last year 71.

Kim says that they have been providing police with the information about illegal activity, and doing their job which they weren’t in the mood for. And she is angry because of it.

Legal sex workers must undergo numerous health screenings, illegal workers don’t

In order to obtain a license and protect themselves and others from sexually transmitted illnesses, legal sex workers must undergo numerous health screenings. When it comes to women who labor illegally, they often refuse to be tested, putting their own and their customers’ health at risk. This fact is concerning because the number of cases of these diseases and infections is increasing every day.

The police, however, deny the accusation and say they take this matter seriously. They say in order to prosecute the illegal sex workers, they have to catch them on the act which they rarely do. Police also state that they focus on the security and health risks of sex workers. If they are doing a good job, the time will tell.

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