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An increase in rent prices lead to Sex Workers Dissatisfaction

The story follows a woman from Cameron who prefers to stay anonymous. She is over 60 years old and was the owner of the brothel. As she explained to the interviewer, the prices of the rent increased so much that she couldn’t afford her previous lifestyle and housing situation.

The house which served as her home, workplace, and brothel for the last 15 years was relatively small.

The warnings were delivered to Mahamat on March 1st. This was caused by a change in ownership and the current economic condition.

The three ground-floor offices cost CHF 5,000 a month. Then there are the 2,000 francs for the top-floor studio.

For these reasons, she is deciding to quit.

Her brothel employed a lot of women

Her brothel employed a lot of women, who were paying rent to her, as compensation for a place to do their services. Now she says, the golden days are over. Times have changed, and everything lost its appeal and class.

According to her, clients have become more demeaning towards women, and some would even pay for the hotline, rather than the real experience.

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The end of her brothel isn’t the lonely case. The sex industry in Zurich is struggling, even more, because of the covid pandemic. Most commonly, sex workers come from third-world countries or undeveloped countries in general.

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