Loverboy forced a 17-year-old into prostitution in Vienna

A 17-year-old girl from Bulgaria was lured to Austria with promises of a better life, only to be forced into prostitution by a 19-year-old Bulgarian man. The young man used severe violence to force her into working at a brothel in Vienna.

The young woman live met the loverboy online, who promised her a better life in Austria. He was kind to her, he was charming. After a short period of time, the girl followed the Bulgarian man to Vienna.

Forced to work in brothel

Upon arriving in Vienna, the girl was forced into prostitution.

The loverboy exploited her vulnerable situation and made her engage in prostitution, keeping all the earnings. From December 2023, the 17-year-old was forced to sell her body for money, facing violence if she refused.

Her injuries were so severe that even her colleagues and the brothel’s owner noticed. She often made excuses for her bruises. On one occasion, the man beat her with a child’s chair, and another time he injured her with a key, leaving scars. On January 5th, after being beaten black and blue, she managed to escape, needing stitches for her injuries.

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She worked for over 40 days, the loverboy got two years in prison

As it turned out, the young woman had at least five clients per night, over approximately 40 days. The defense attorney advised his client to plead guilty to human trafficking, cross-border prostitution, and pimping.

The 19-year-old Bulgarian was sentenced according to the charges. He received a two-year prison sentence, with eight months to be served in prison. Having already served most of this time in pre-trial detention, he will be released in a few weeks. However, there is a detention order against him from the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum.

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