It is safer to pay for sexual services upfront

As reported by Sex in Vienna, the police were called to a well-known sauna club in Villach due to a serious altercation between a customer and a sex worker. It was revealed that the 53-year-old man did not have the money to pay for the sexual service, and he had not communicated this in advance. According to the report, the 250 EUR owed to the sex worker remained unpaid, with the customer only able to cover the cost of the beverages he had consumed.

This case underscores one of the significant issues in sauna clubs, where guests often pay for sexual services upfront. In any dispute, it is essential for the sex worker to assert her rights and the compensation she deserves.

It is better to work in a classic nightclub

Working in a classic nightclub offers a better solution, as guests are required to pay for services upfront. This makes it easier for the girls to receive their earnings without unnecessary disputes. Additionally, there is a notable advantage for sex workers in classic sex clubs, as in the best establishments, they are not required to pay any fees to start their work.

This is in contrast to sauna clubs, where sex workers must pay a daily entry fee, which amounts to 100 EUR at Goldentime Vienna.

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