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Dispute Over Services Leads to Arrest of Hungarian Woman in Villach

As Sex Vienna magazin reported, a disagreement about services between a customer and an illegal sex worker in Villach ended with the arrest of a 27-year-old Hungarian woman on February 2nd.

On that morning, local authorities were called to a dispute in a Villach apartment building. It turned out that a 27-year-old Hungarian woman was arguing with a 27-year-old resident of Villach about the sexual services she was supposed to provide.

The meeting with the illegal escort girl went wrong

They had arranged an erotic massage online. The woman claimed they agreed on a massage for the back and genital area, with no mention of sexual intercourse or oral activities. However, the man, who had already paid for the services, had a different understanding.

Law enforcement informed the woman that her actions were illegal and considered an administrative offense. Further investigation revealed she was already wanted for a previous offense, leading to her transfer to the Neufellach police station.

Since the woman couldn’t provide a fixed address, authorities told her to pay a 100-euro security deposit. She reacted by shouting and acting aggressively. Unable to calm her down, authorities took her into custody.

The Hungarian woman was then taken to the Villach police detention center and is now facing charges.

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