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Discovery of Missing Woman’s Body Near Graz’s Mur Power Plant

The lifeless body of a 26-year-old Romanian woman, who had been missing since mid-August after an incident involving the Mur River in Graz, has been found near the Mur Power Plant. The mysterious disappearance prompted an extensive search operation.

Passersby initially spotted her in the Mur River, leading to a prolonged search effort involving boats, divers, a police helicopter, and drones.

Authorities even released a photograph of women’s summer shoes found along the riverbank in hopes of generating leads, but no significant breakthroughs were made.

The discovery of the sex worker‘s body near the Mur Power Plant marked the culmination of weeks of searching. An autopsy was conducted to determine the circumstances of her death. Preliminary results suggest she likely drowned in the river. Further chemical analyses are pending, but there are currently no signs of foul play.

The young woman was employed at a local establishment called the “Laufhaus.” Early indications point to her death as a tragic accident. Investigations are ongoing.

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