blonde luxury escort girl in Vienna

The magic of Blonde Luxury Escorts

Some guys like young women with curvy bodies and light hair, while others prefer brunettes. Some people favor exotic women. It was always a question of how blondes are seen around the world and what distinguishes blonde escort models from their counterparts in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, and other cities.

Each woman has a unique beauty and allure, but the primary factors that draw people in are her personality and temperament as well as how humans show themselves and how well-groomed they are.

Why is everyone obsessed with hair color?

Marilyn Monroe dominated the movie screens for many years. However, a survey suggests that males still favor blondes. Perhaps the stories of many movies starring renowned blonde actresses and children’s stories are to blame for this. After all, the majority of fairies and princesses were stunning blonde women. Perhaps it has to do with white’s psychological connotations of softness, lightness, purity, and youth. Another hypothesis contends that since just 2% of individuals have naturally blonde hair, we unconsciously gravitate toward those who have.

It is fascinating to note that the psychology of color stands true for both individuals who have natural hair color and those who have intentionally dyed their hair a specific hue. According to psychologists, roughly 40% of women show discernible changes in their behavior after changing the color of their hair.

The attractive luxury escort model is blonde. Yes, attractive blondes tend to catch men’s attention the most. The delicate and frightened blond escort model.  Although blonde women enjoy having fun, they are also elegant and sensitive.

A blonde escort model is emotional and innocent, but also truly appreciates life and cherishes each second. Blonde escort models prefer to use their charm and common sense to figure things out. Women cope with a lot of problems and achieve what they want thanks to their charisma.

Luxury escort models with blonde hair are enthusiastic. Blondes, so the saying goes, are friendlier and quicker to consent to intimate relations.  They enjoy meeting new people and beginning new adventures. But this is not how blondes are generally, each woman is different. The blonde escort model is independent and strong-willed. 

What Attracts Men to Blondes?

Next to weak and vulnerable girls, it appears that men frequently feel stronger. However, a fascinating, unexpected, and independent personality might conceal itself under the appearance of a helpless blonde girl and that’s much more alluring and appealing.  The blondes themselves were questioned by psychologists while they conducted various trials. It came out that blonde-curled girls tend to be totally autonomous and self-sufficient. However, each of the blondes often needs a powerful defense. 

Why prefer blondes to escort girls? It seems that contrast is the key. A delicate, smart girl who transforms into a promiscuous wild animal in the bedroom inspires adoration, astonishment, and intense desire.

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