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Sex worker was caught red-handed in illegal prostitution

A few days ago, an apartment hotel owner in Bad Wörishofen called the police because she noticed that a rentee is providing illegal sexual services from one of her apartments. The police officers visited the hotel and they found a man who had a meeting with an illegal sex worker there.

The legal procedure has been started against the 49 years old sex worker.

It is much better to work legally

Illegal prostitution is on rise in Germany, however it is a much worse alternative for sex workers than working legally. In case of getting caught, the legal procedure will be started very soon, resulting in huge fines and if it is applicable, expulsion from the country.

As we wrote many times, illegal prostitutes more likely suffers from aggressive clients and physical harms, as those ones, who work in well-protected legal brothels.

The illegal sex scene became more dangerous in past decade and now it is one of the main advantages of the best clubs in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, that they have a lot of security measurements and equipments to protect their girls.

As the stabbing in Vienna in Asian studio 126a clearly showed, women who work in illegal or shady brothels, without security measurements, are in danger.

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