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Prostitution news in the aftermath of COVID-19 in Germany

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the prostitution scene in a very harsh way all around the world. Brothels in Germany have been closed for the most part since the pandemic started, which made working legally practically impossible

Because of this, many women have been left without work or worse, homeless. Read on for more details about the current situation of the prostitution scene in Germany.

Sexworkers left without work as brothels keep closed

The Frankfurter Taunusstrasse used to be among the most popular destinations for lovers of the sex trade before the Coronavirus pandemic. Now there are over 20 brothels and Laufhauses that are all empty as they are prohibited from opening to clients. This also means that the women who used to work in these establishments are now unable to work or rent rooms.

With sex work being prohibited, the women had to turn to street prostitution or working through illegal apartments. Neither of these options is safe or advised for anybody who wishes to start working in the sex work industry. Here’s why:

Street prostitution is never a safe option as you never know whose car you’re getting into. Not only do the women lose much of their dignity, but they can only charge a pretty low price because of the competition. Street prostitution is not allowed in Frankfurt, but it was tolerated.

Working through illegal apartments could get you in a lot of trouble with the authorities and it’s also not a safe option when it comes to sex work. If you wish to read more about this, check out one of our previous posts on our blog: Reasons not to work illegally in apartments in Vienna

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20-man brawl in front of brothel in Hamburg

Recently a mass brawl of 20 people has broken out in front of a brothel in Hamburg because the suitor refused to pay the sex worker, claiming he was not satisfied with the service.

The house’s management and the girl’s pimps were notified that the client refused to pay. The 26-year-old suitor also had people with him, so the two groups clashed.

According to police reports, there were around 20 people who were involved in the fight, but some of them fled the scene when the authorities arrived. 15 people were checked at the scene of the fight, some of whom had minor injuries, but nobody had to be hospitalized. Some of the people who were involved in the fight were known Hells Angels gang members.

Multiple trials of forced prostitution in Cologne

Two different forced prostitution trials have been held not long ago in Cologne, Germany. Both of the trials are against pimps who forced women to sell their bodies for their profit. In both instances the women were threatened if they do not comply and most of the money they earned was taken away from them.

Forced prostitution is still a problem in Germany, as well as Austria and everywhere else in the world. There are more cases of forced prostitution now compared to a few years ago, and the ban on legal prostitution doesn’t help this either.

Recent prostitution news from Vienna, Austria

There many interesting things that happened in Vienna recently. For example, a few clubs have reopened, while others changed ownership or closed down for good. Many club owners are not able to maintain an open business if there are not enough clients and because of this they decide to sell off their business

In some cases this means that the establishment changes its brand, in others it means that the place shuts down without further notice.

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