Luxury Escort Girl in Vienna

How to find a Luxury Escort Girl?

Hopefully you already read our previous article about how to be a professional escort in Vienna. But what if you don’t want to work as escort girl, but interested in booking them? Men naturally have high aspirations when they spend money on a date, even they frequently have higher expectations than if the meeting had been free.

Most demanding males who only desire quality make a common mistake: they believe that quality can only be pricey. So, much like their vehicle, residence, or Rolex, they are confident that spending time with a Luxury Escort will instantly provide them with an outstanding experience they will not soon forget.

A Luxuxy Escort Girl is Well-mannered

You should find out as soon as you make contact with her. Her elegance and generosity, her manner of speaking, communicating, and interacting with you, her quiet temperament…

Her general attitude toward you is characterized by habits and attitudes that indicate a strong education. A decent education is not something that can be bought.

A Luxury Escort Girl is Well-dressed

A female with a good education may miss class! A Luxury Escort is always dressed properly (elegant dress, skirt / blouse…), with subtle cosmetics, lovely and clean nails (no artificial nails longer than 10cm), no stripper shoes, and excellent underwear (preferably not mismatched).

The adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply here. Quite the reverse!

A Highl-Class Escort has Exceptional Hygiene

Because she prioritizes it as her first priority, a Luxury Escort Girl will never have poor hygiene.

It could be personal hygiene or the scent and cleanliness of the space where she greets you; from the first date, you will notice the effort put into tidying up and cleaning.

A High-End Escort Lady Can carry on a discussion

Even if she might not speak your language, if you do speak hers (or if you both speak the same language), she can have a conversation and rapidly prove to you that “she’s not just a gorgeous face.”

The capacity to engage with a person at a level that matches the sexual relationship is also what distinguishes a traditional Escort from a higher level Escort.

A Luxury Escort Girl Plans honored

Nothing is more aggravating for a consumer than to see an Escort and then discover that the majority of the services advertised on their profile are not offered.

Firstly, take your time to read the website before approaching her.

A High-End Escort has Actual photographs

Few of the ladies overuse photoshop/editing apps or utilize photographs that are older than over ten years old, but these females almost never work with photos that are not their own.

The best option is to choose an escort who changes her images at least once a year.

A Luxury Escort Lady has Fair prices

Not all luxury escort girls charge exorbitant fees. Furthermore, be wary of women that demand exorbitant hourly prices in comparison to the local market under the illusion of providing an exceptional service that justifies these charges. Keep an eye out! You will frequently be disappointed since higher price does not always imply better.

A normal hourly rate for an escort in Switzerland who delivers this service is between 250CHF and 300CHF. Expect to pay between 350 CHF and 450 CHF per hour for High-Class Escorts. If the payment is above 500 CHF for 1 hour, is better to take some time and evaluate if the price is justified.

The prices are lower in Austria. For example, you can book a Luxury Escort Lady at Bijou Escort Service for EUR 260 for a hour and EUR 460 for 2 hours. See the prices of Bijou Escort here.

So, is it easy to recognize an unique escort?

Actually, not really. However, she has to look like a classy, lovely neighbor you would want to ask out, rather than the usual escorts. Always remember that the sexy pictures can fool you, along with the pricey fees. It is always a goog idea to choose a well-known Vienna Luxury Escort Agency, like Bijou Escort or Victoria Escort Service:

Bijou Escort Service

Salzachstraße 28/12, 1200 Wien, Austria

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