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3 extra tips to become a luxury escor girl

In our previous article we already covered 4 tips how to be a professional luxury escort girl in Vienna. In this article you can read 3 more extra tip how to be successful in this scene.

A Luxury Escort Girl is a True Woman

A top companion is not about sharing naked pictures and physical characteristics exclusively, she is recommended to the gents looking for a “true woman” that is pure and genuine and this job is not a full-time one.

In contrast to giving a ‘service’ and swiftly forgetting him as she moves on to the next, a high-class escort model develops a very deep and particular relationship with her gentlemen companions. To maintain her availability and originality, she meets fewer clients on a higher level.

1. Set of skills

Beside the good looking and proper education, a must is to master something particular, like a sport or art. Fencing, horse riding, painting, multiple languages speaker, bakery, sailing, creative writing, playing piano, violin or dancing, you can choose any field.

Nothing is impossible for the luxury escort, you can handle any situation or social event your man would bring you to. To balance your personality, you need to have a basic knowledge in any subject, investigate, develop skills, and be unique.

2. Style

In the current world, brands matter but is well-known fact that showing a little bit more is considered inappropriate in high society. The style needs to reflect class, femininity and elegance, always dressed classic, not showing skin.

Having your own style is important that can express who you truly are without having to speak wherever you are going. Jewelry have to match the pencil skirts, always wear neutral colors with classic shoes.

Staying classic is important for a luxury escort girl, as the new trends can become strange as the time goes by. Light perfume and bare make-up are constantly in style. Look like you will never lower your standards for anyone or anything, your self-respect is everything.

3. Responsibility

Being reliable is crucial for a luxury escort girl, making a man wait is considered unethical and if you want to reach the top, you will need to act like an expert. It is very unacceptable to agree on a date and then fail to appear; you should be the ideal of honesty.

When it comes to her reputation, a quality lady keeps her word, and a courtesan is nothing if not entirely honest, sincere, and honorable.

The importance of working for a luxury escort agency

As soon as you are comfortable with the people that you will work for and accept their offer, the luxury escort agency will instantly start to advertise and promote you. Working alone means spending a lot of money on regular promotion and going through this difficult process will be hard and will take a lot of time.

Always secured and protected by the agency, this will help not to meet people you don’t want, but you should be flexible and available for your clients.

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