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The man, who killed three sex workers, may escape prison due to his mental illness

Ebudallah A., the suspect in the triple murder of three prostitutes in Vienna, may escape prison due to his mental illness. According to recent expert analysis, the 27-year-old Afghan national has been deemed unfit to stand trial.

What happened in Studio 126a?

As we wrote, on Friday, February 23, the 27-year-old asylum seeker visited the sex studio in the 20th district in Vienna and attacked the women there.

Three Asian sex workers were stabbed to death; one escaped because she hid herself somewhere in the building.

A person who walked nearby the building found the bloody signs on the street, called the police, who found the three sex workers dead. Shortly after, the attacker was found in the nearby green area, behaving aggressively and trying to attack the police officers as well. They used tasers to catch him.


It seems he has paranoid schizophrenia

The young man stands accused of brutally stabbing three sex workers to death, leaving one victim nearly decapitated, with another yet to be identified. Interpol involvement underscores the severity of the case.

Experts say that Ebudallah suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, retreating into a delusional, psychotic world. He claims encounters with a girl in a Serbian refugee camp, whom he believes bewitched him, alleging she was a Satanist attempting to divert him from his faith.

His distorted beliefs led him to view the victims as collaborators with the witch and enemies of God, justifying his heinous acts. He alleges divine invitation to jihad, with the victims representing sinners upon whom his mission was to carry out divine retribution.

His attorney, Philipp Springer, contends that his client’s mental illness warrants institutionalization under Austrian Penal Code Section 21(1), advocating psychiatric treatment over traditional imprisonment.

The case underscores the intricate interplay of mental illness, violence, and societal responses. It prompts reflection on the balance between justice, public safety, and the treatment of individuals grappling with severe mental health conditions.

It is much safer to work in high-class sex clubs in Vienna

As we have written many times, it is much safer to work in high-class sex clubs in Vienna than working in small sex studios or alone as an independent sex worker. The best sex clubs in the city invest heavily in girls’ working conditions because they know that they are the foundation of a successful business.

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