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Prostitutes in Germany receive help from an organization

According to our sources, an organization that specializes in helping prostitutes is trying its best to help out the sex workers in the city of Ravensburg in Germany. Apparently, there are only 80 women who are actually registered sex workers, and even those girls are afraid of the authorities and usually have problems speaking the language.

Because of this, the members of the MISA Arkade organization are trying to assist the women however they can.

We based this article on a recent publication on the Sex Club Wien blog. For another take on the story, check out the original source post now!

What is the MISA Arkade organization?

The MISA Arkade organization focuses on helping women in the sex work industry. They offer online and in-person consultation, various types of events that assist sex workers and more.

In addition to their online endeavors, they also have members who seek out sex workers and assist them however they can. This means that they give them goodie bags with various necessary things in them; they help the women go to their doctor’s appointments or simply sit down with them for a coffee and private talk.

The organization aims to help women in the German prostitution industry.

The social workers are working to make the women’s lives better, regardless if they remain in the prostitution industry or if they wish to stop and look for other careers.

Why do the women need help?

According to our sources, Germany has over 400,000 prostitutes who work actively; however, only around 80 women have asked help from organizations, such as MISA Arkade. The reason behind this is that many women who work in Germany as prostitutes originally come from poorer surrounding countries. They are either lured to Germany with false promises or they choose to do prostitution in hopes of becoming rich.

Unfortunately, many of them only land jobs in cheap places or they need to resort to illegal prostitution for work. Many of these foreign women also have trouble speaking the language. Since they fear the authorities, they do not go for their doctor’s appointments and do not register as legal sex workers, thus giving up on all the benefits of working legally.

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