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New Green Oasis in the Ex Red Light District of Westbahnhof

Ferberstraße is one of those streets in Vienna that has a long history when it comes to prostitution. Now that is a thing of the past due to the 2011 prostitution law. It has put an end to those activities in almost all parts of the city including the industrial area. Now they are planning to turn it into a green oasis.

The Felberstraße area will get a complete makeover. The city took the responsibility to provide a complete plan for it, gathering suggestions from the residents of the city. The detailed plan will be ready next year. 

Vienna is also collaborating with BB Infrastruktur to create more climate friendly districts. They want to turn the old train station locations into green areas that will freshen up the air and provide some natural aesthetic.

The project we are going to talk about is located along Felberstraße in the Westbahnhof district.

“Our aim is to exploit the historic potential for climate friendly space” says Sima

The city wants to transform the storage grounds in the area that counts six hectares in size. Although that part is no longer needed, they will take the continued train operations into account.

This will allow the Westbahnhof to have its functioning train hub, just like before.

Member of the planning council Ulli Sima (SP) has talked about the project on Monday 7th in November.

He stated that the main goal is to focus on environmental sustainability.

Sima also said: “In heavily populated areas like this one, we need to focus solely on providing green areas.”

They also take into consideration that there are not many green spaces in the 15th district anyway. The only exceptions in Westbahnhof are the Reithoffenpark and the Auer-Welsbach Park. This is the historical opportunity to create a bigger, greener space that city residents will enjoy. This will make Vienna’s west appear significantly more appealing to the public.

Meeting Point in Rustensteg Largely Contributes to the Project

Many town residents are involved in the planning process. People from Rufolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Neubau, Penzing, and Mariahilf are sharing their ideas throughout the year. By taking part in events, tours, and conversations, they contribute to developing a comprehensive plan regarding the project. In the end of November, a notable ”conversation day” took place that included neighborhood walks as part of the event.

The Stadtraum Mitte 15 will also be an important gathering place. People will be temporarily allowed to meet in the establishment built on Rustensteg. It will be an informational center for the planning process. The area in question is populated by about 21,000 people.

The District Manager Agrees on the Area’s Potential

“It is true that the Westbahnhof is currently a crucial transportation center for Vienna. However, in its abandoned operational regions, there is a lot of potential for improvements. The 15th district is heavily populated, which makes a climate friendly redesign process a great idea. This will provide the residents with more green space and fresh open areas.” Says Dietmar Baurecht, the manager of the district.

Board member of BB-Infrastruktur Silvia Angelo also spoke up on the matter. She said: “We are happy to contribute to the planned improvements in the Westbahnhof area. We are glad that the public engagement process is a huge part of this project. This is a tremendous opportunity to plan for a better future.”

Source: https://sex-vienna.com/2022/11/17/a-green-oasis-is-being-created-in-the-former-red-light-district-of-westbahnhof/

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