Underage Prostitute Rescued from Brothel by Police

An underage prostitute from Eastern Europe was rescued from a brothel by the Aargau police, resulting in an arrest warrant against the operator. The tip-off came from a member of the public, who reported that a young woman was working in a brothel in the Baden district. Upon arrival, the police found the age of…

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Woman from Hungary, 39, Coerced into Prostitution

polizei in wien

A brothel in the Leopoldstadt district of Vienna recently became the scene of a forced prostitution case. The victim, a 39-year-old Hungarian woman, was allegedly forced into prostitution by a man who had brought her to Vienna under the pretense of helping her obtain legal authorization to work in the sex industry. Once they arrived…

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Pimping is Still Highly Prevalent in France

The French police simply can’t stop illegal brothels from blooming. There is always another South American pimp to deal with, and the fight never seems to come to an end. Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in France, it is in high demand and there are lots of brothels to find. The Police are…

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The Customers are Not Complaining about the Colder Brothels

We are back with an interesting news piece that we found on Brothels in Vienna. It was exciting to see how some brothels handle the crisis of the past few years. Tough times require tough measures, as they say, and brothels in Austria are going through some hard times for sure. Joe Leber, owner of…

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In Vienna, the cost of sex is rising

Nearly all adult facilities in Vienna have raised their rates since the pandemic and the associated shutdown. Women who advertise on social media have increased the fees they charge for their services. We will start with the independent sex workers are generally women who promote themselves online without the help of a club or another…

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Best Ways to Pleasure a customer during an escort date

Seeking a fresh passion? Considering love from a new perspective? Making sensual fantasies come true is fun, right? Men precisely desire this in bed. This article can assist in exploring further into that hot subject. Science is applied to sexual life. Many queries require an answer: What exactly does “making hubby comfortable” mean? What does…

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4 More Escort Services Myths

a Vienna luxury escort girl

In this article are presented a few more of the common myths about everyday sex work. All escorts have STDs If they get careless, anyone might become a sexually spread disease host. However, escort models take further precautions to ensure both their own safety and the protection of their customers. After all, it is their responsibility…

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6 Things How to Be a Good Client: Escort Dating Guidelines

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The article is for those people who can become potential clients. Austrian Independent Escorts are eager to meet you. 1. Review online sources Reading through escort review websites thoroughly is the first thing that is advised to do. Most of the issues that fascinate men so much have solutions. Please examine and thoroughly read all…

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