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Man drops the body of a young woman in front of an official building

By Sex Work in Vienna - December 8, 2021 -

Austria has registered the 25th murder of a woman in 2021. A 28-year-old confessed to the murder of his girlfriend. The 28-year-old man parked his car in front of the Villach district administration and proceeded to carry the dead body of his girlfriend out of the back seat of his car and lay it straight…

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Customers of illegal brothels have uncommon desires

By Sex Work in Vienna - December 8, 2021 -

Due to the restrictions imposed in order to minimise the Corona virus patients, sex work was banned for quite a while and lots of sex workers were left with no income. Some of the sex workers felt obliged by the situation to start working illegally in hotel rooms or private apartments. The sex work industry…

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Current situation of the prostitution scene in Spain

By Sex Work in Vienna - November 10, 2021 -

Prostitution in Spain is currently legal; however the present prime minister of the country is advocating a ban on prostitution. Spain is among the top countries with the most prostitutes working, but this might change in the future if the ban on prostitution goes through. For more details about this news, as well as other…

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Prostitution news in the aftermath of COVID-19 in Germany

By Sex Work in Vienna - October 29, 2021 -

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the prostitution scene in a very harsh way all around the world. Brothels in Germany have been closed for the most part since the pandemic started, which made working legally practically impossible Because of this, many women have been left without work or worse, homeless. Read on for more details…

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