For sex workers, counseling and extra protection are essential

Prostitutes need good guidance and support to prevent becoming victims of exploitation and violence. This is a serious task everywhere in the World and even in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Green Council and committee members met with representatives from Koblenz’s “ROXANNE, the prostitute rehabilitation center” to learn more about the current situation and their work.…

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Sex work is a profession

prostitute in Vienna

Prostitution prohibition campaigns and a lack of equity. Stephanie Klee interviewed by a German journalist. Stephanie Klee, the chairwoman of the Federal Association for Sexual Services, outlines what the organization stands for and who it represents. She emphasizes that the association serves as a national point of contact for the prostitute sector and assists with…

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The opposition to the prohibition is correct; yet, we must continue to investigate

Sex work in Vienna

With a significant majority, the National Council supports Switzerland’s liberal prostitution model. There is still work to be done by the federal government and the cantons. Prostitutes can legally and publicly offer their services in Switzerland. They could, however, be better protected. Since 1942, prostitution has been legal in Switzerland and it will continue to…

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In Bavaria, at least fifteen prostitutes have been murdered

According to the “Ella” network, at least fifteen prostitutes have been killed in Bavaria in the past twenty years. There were also five homicide attempts and a missing person, according to Liane, in addition to the fifteen prostitutes who died. A doctor named Liane Bissinger brought attention to this statistic. The sex industry includes human…

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