Being an escort is not an easy part-time job

woman wearing grey and brown mesh dress

Young people are easily attracted by the sex work industry with the promise of big amounts of money in a very short period of time, but in reality, this is rarely the case. Daria herself worked as an escort for several years. She is happy that she got out and hopes that she never has…

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How Corona drives British students into prostitution

woman wearing face mask

Because of the pandemic, Lucy, a British student, lost her part-time job as a bartender and she was unable to find another job. Without a part-time job, Lucy, was unable to have enough money to keep studying and this is when she chose to start working as a sex worker. She told the university portal…

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Customers of illegal brothels have uncommon desires

man and woman lying on bed

Due to the restrictions imposed in order to minimise the Corona virus patients, sex work was banned for quite a while and lots of sex workers were left with no income. Some of the sex workers felt obliged by the situation to start working illegally in hotel rooms or private apartments. The sex work industry…

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